Apex Launcher

What is an Android launcher?

If you are an Android user, you certainly know what a launcher is. It is the part of user interface that decides how your front screen and app drawer is going to look. Presumably, Android OS has its default launcher. But many third party launchers are out there and these are very popular customization tools. Modern launchers can change the entire look and feel of your Android device with custom icon packs, menu animations and useful new features. So, if you are an Android user who has never used any custom launcher before, you must try this today!

Apex launcher

Apex launcher
Now, there are many launchers available for Android – both in free and paid versions. Choice of a launcher is mostly a matter of personal taste. But there are some launchers which really do stand out from the pack. One launcher that has definitely proven itself as a great customization tool is the Apex launcher.
Apex launcher first came to the scene in 2012. Now in its 3.1.0 version (as of June 2015), the launcher has enjoyed an immense popularity since its beginning. Apex launcher can completely transform your phone’s user interface, but still remains smooth and fast to use. It always has its place in the list of recommended apps for Android.

Features of Apex launcher

1. Support for multiple home screen panels.
2. Gesture recognition capability.
3. Dock and drawer support with various styles.
4. Multiple sorting options for installed apps.
5. Beautiful transition effects.
6. Ability to hide apps or lock the menu.
7. Highly customizable arrangement of elements like status bar, search box etc.
8. Special themes for changing the UI.
9. Ability to keep back up of preferences.
10. Highly customizable in every regard.
11. Works for both rooted and unrooted phones.
12. Compatible with tablets.

Pro version

The Pro version of Apex launcher adds more cool features like – multiple finger gesture, more effects, advanced widgets etc.

Download Apex Launcher

Apex launcher can be downloaded and installed directly in your mobile from the below link:

apex launcher
The file size is about 4.7 MB.
Apex launcher requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Credits for Developping Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is developed by “Android Does”. We do not hold any copyright or responsibility regarding this app.

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