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Baidu Root APK v2.8.6 Download for Android – English Latest Version

Rooting an Android device is similar to Jailbreaking an iPhone. It gives the user more control over his / her device and enables plenty of customization opportunities. There are many ways to root Android. But the easiest way is to install a rooting app. Baidu Root APK is such a rooting app brought out by Chinese developers. It is a simple and easy to use app.


Why root your device?

There are several reasons to root your Android device.

  1. Rooting gives you better control over your device.
  2. You can easily install third party apps not supported by Google Play.
  3. You can apply various customizations over your OS.
  4. Unnecessary system apps can be deleted freeing up memory.
  5. You will have better security and you will gain the ability to control apps more directly.

Features of Baidu Root

BaiduRoot APK has some distinctive features which make it a better choice.

  1. Baidu Root supports Android 2.2 to 4.4. That means it covers a large number of devices and can intelligently detect your device.
  2. It can increase the boot speed of your device.
  3. Default Google apps can be deleted using Baidu root if you want.
  4. You can manage your device’s memory usage.
  5. Baidu Root APK gives you better privacy as it lets you directly monitor app activity.

Download Baidu Root APK

Download Baidu Root APK from the following links:

Baidu root v2.8.6 – 04/24/2016
Baidu root v2.8.5 – 11/25/2015
Baidu root v2.8.4 – 08/14/2015

This is the APK file for Android. There is also a version for PC. The APK file is about 10 MB.

Install and root

Like any other APK file you must enable installing form unknown sources in your Android before installing Baidu Root APK. Go to Settings of your Android device and tap Security. Scroll down and check mark the box titled Unknown sources.
Now, open the Baidu Root APK file to install. After the app gets installed, you are ready to root your device. Just tap on Baidu Root from your app drawer. Note that you must keep your internet connection on during the process. Baidu Root APK uses the internet to find proper rooting mechanism for the specific device you are using.

FAQ of Baidu Root APK

Q: What if Baidu Root APK fails to root my device?
A: No worries. It might happen that Baidu Root APK fails to root a certain model. But at least your device will not be damaged and you will not lose any data.

Q: Baidu Root says it has successfully rooted my device but I do not have root access. Why?
A: We are sorry to say that it might happen with some devices. However, this means Baidu was unable to root your device.

Q: Baidu is stuck at a certain percentage during the rooting process. What to do?
A: Unfortunately this means Baidu Root cannot root your model. Just close the app.

Q: Does rooting with Baidu Root voids my device warranty?
A: Rooting with any app voids your device warranty.


Baidu Root APK is developed by Chinese Internet Company Baidu Inc headquartered in Beijing. This is basically an English version of a Chinese app which is already popular in China. We hold no copyright or responsibility regarding this app. Rooting process in general involves some risk of data loss. So we recommend that you take proper caution before rooting your device.

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