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Game Killer APK v4.10 [Latest] free download officially

Game Killer APK is a hacking app which can change your in-game score (i.e. coin number, points etc) by manually editing the values. The app is not available in Google Play Store. But you can download Game Killer apk file from the links provided below. An important thing to remember is that GameKiller needs root access to operate. So, before you install GameKiller, you must root your device.

game killer

Features of Game Killer

  1. Edit in-game values by simply searching screen elements.
  2. Supports a lot of games.
  3. Completely free to use.
  4. Though it takes time getting used to Game Killer, it is basically a very simple tool.
  5. Undetectable by Google or game developers.

Download Game Killer

The latest version of Game Killer APK is 4.10. It supports Android Marshmallow. Click on the link below to download GameKiller 4.10 APK:

Download Game Killer 

You can also try the older 3.11 version if the new one doesn’t work for you. Here is the download link of Game Killer 3.11 APK:

How to Install?

Installing GameKiller APK is easy. We would like to remind you that your device must be rooted for Game Killer to function properly. You also need to allow installation form unknown sources in your Android. To do so, go to Settings > Security and then check mark the Unknown sources box. After downloading the APK file, move it to your phone. Now, tap on the file to install.

How to use GameKiller

First, run the GameKiller app. Then minimize the app. An icon of GameKiller should remain floating on your screen. Now, open the game you want to hack. Play the game and come to a stage when a certain score (number) is being displayed on the screen. At this point bring back the Game Killer app and type the number in the search box. Then tap search and Auto Identify. If GameKiller shows multiple search results, play the game for some time more to change the score and search again with this different score. Do the search again. If the Game Killer shows a single value in its search result, then you are ready to hack the game score. Tap on that value in Game Killer and change it to any value you want.

For example, suppose you are playing a game where at a certain moment you have 500 coins. Now you should search 500 in Game Killer. If GameKiller gives you only one result (i.e 500) that means it can edit that value. You can change the value from 500 to 1000. When you return back to the game, you will see you have 1000 coins instead of 500.

Note that, there are other types of search that GameKiller can perform. It might not always find a value by using its auto identification technique. So, you should use the other functions of this app too. Often, the hacking process can be tricky. But if you keep trying, you will eventually find out that GameKiller APK does work on a lot of games. However, GameKiller doesn’t work if your game score is being saved online.


GameKiller APK is not an authorized app of Play Store. It is published by an unknown developer. Our site doesn’t hold any copyright or responsibility regarding this app.


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