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Download Kingroot Apk v4.9.0 Latest version with Kinguser Apk 2016

Kingroot is a one click rooting tool for your Android phone. After the rooting process you will get Kinguser Apk. Kinguser is similar to the supersu apk with more smart features. King root comes in two variants: the app version and the desktop version. It is one of the best options for rooting your device. Plus, it supports a wide range of models running Android 2.2 to 5.0.


kingroot apk

Most of the advanced users of Android would want to root their phones. A rooted phone has many benefits like – low power consumption, better customization etc. Previously rooting a phone was a complex process. But not anymore. Newer and improved tools have made rooting a very easy thing for everyone.

Features of King root

  1. One click root, no hassle, no extra effort.
  2. Can detect your ROM automatically. (Needs data connection.)
  3. Large set of supported devices.
  4. Works perfectly with Samsung KNOX security.
  5. Supports almost all Android OS versions.
  6. Offers a desktop alternative for better root success.
  7. Can unroot the device, if the user wants to revert after rooting.

Download Kingroot Apk

You can download the current 4.9.0 version of Kingroot APK from here:

kingroot apk The size of the app is about 5.3 MB. Note that the link above is the Android app.

Download Latest v4.9.1 Kinguser Apk


The desktop app is available here:

kingroot desktop


How to root using Kingroot

First download the King root APK and install the app in your Android device. Then just run the app to root. Remember that you must have an active internet connection in your device to let Kingroot work.
If you are using the desktop version, then install the Knigroot application in your PC. Run it and connect your phone through an USB cable. Click root and wait. Your device will soon be rooted. The desktop version has Chinese UI. But it works just fine. In fact, if the Android version does not work for your phone, the desktop version might.


Rooting your phone has many benefits but remember that it may void the warranty of your device. Also, sometimes it may cause lose of stored data. So always back up important files and data before running the rooting process. The desktop version of Kingroot may install additional tools in your device. Once installed, Kingroot app is hard to remove.


Kingroot is just an amazing rooting app. It is extremely simple but effective in rooting most of the Android phones and tablets. The app is developed by the Kingroot group of China. We do not hold any copyright or responsibility for the app or its desktop version.

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