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Leo PlayCard Apk Download Officially 2017 – Free In-App Purchases

Playing that amazing game on your tablet or mobile phone is sometimes more of a full-time job than entertainment: earning enough coins or lives needed for the next level or a character can become quite boring. And what if you have been trying so hard to beat your best friend’s high score, but you somehow always lack a life, or a coin or two?

This is one of many reasons why you should install Leo PlayCard on your mobile device.

Leo playcard apk download

Based on Freedom app, this application has the same usage. It contains an inbuilt free card, similar to Freedom, and it allows you to make all the necessary purchases without actually paying a cent.

Another great thing about this app is that functions on both mobile phones and tablets. There is no need for your device to be rooted first since it works well with both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Leo PlayCard App Features

  • Leo PlayCard enables you to avoid any in-app purchases and still get unlimited coins or gems for free. You can also become practically immortal in a game, by being able to buy additional lives, which you normally wouldn’t spend your money on.
  • If you want to download an app, but you are unwilling to pay for it, you can by-pass the payment procedure using this app, too.
  • It also supports more apps and games that many other apps with a similar purpose. It works on all the apps that CreeHack works on, and it doesn’t require a rooted device like Freedom does.
  • It is also important to mention that this app can be installed on different devices. It supports almost any Android operating system, so there are no requirements on that part either.
  • Leo PlayCard can further help you with changing the game options to your liking, such as managing the object within the game.
  • However, Leo PlayCard will not work with online games and apps. If you use this app with online games, you can get caught, and your account could be suspended. Try to avoid using your real account with this app, and if possible, test it on a different account first.

How to download and use Leo PlayCard

  1. You need to download Leo PlayCard Apk on your device from the above download link. Downloading this app is completely free, in compliance with its purpose.
  2. Locate the file. It is likely going to be in your download folder.
  3. Start the installation process.
  4. Follow the instructions to install it.
  5. Once you have installed the application, run it.
  6. Then, you have to enable it. It is simple, just click on the Leo Play Disabled button.
  7. Once it is enabled, choose from the list the app that you would like to make the purchase in.
  8. Go straight to the payment option which will open the Google Play Store payment box.
  9. Just click carelessly on the pay button.

Your payment will be processed in a matter of seconds. After it is processed, you can enjoy unlimited coins and other in-app purchases, or maybe that too expensive app you wanted but never had the courage to buy!

Leo Playcard Screenshots

leo playcard apk screenshots

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