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Lightning Web Browser Apk Free download

Lightning Web Browser

Lightning Web Browser

There are a lot of web browsers available for Android. Apart from the Google Chrome, there are big names like Firefox and Opera in the Android market. This full-fledged browsers are fine but often they have a heavy footprint and hence performance issues. That’s why there is always a demand for low footprint lightweight browsers in the Android app market. Lightning Web Browser addresses this demand. This is one of those browsers which are are not resource hungry but snappy in performance.

Lightning Web Browser is based on stock Android browser but customized for better looks, usability and security. It is light but powerful with all the necessary features you expect form a modern web browser. The minimalist interface and design is visually clutter-free but doesn’t fall short of efficiency and usability. Use of default Webkit engine underneath ensures that Lightning Web Browser is on par with Google Chrome in performance. The security features of this browser will impress any privacy concerned user. The browser itself doesn’t collect any user information and gives every possible option to tighten the user’s privacy while browsing the web.

Key features of Lightning Web Browser

1. Simple design. It follows Google’s material design guidelines. The interface hides the tabs to the left and the bookmarks to the right, leaving maximum viewing space to the page being displayed.
2. Lightning Web Browser is lightweight and speedy. Page rendering is super fast.
3. Despite having a low footprint, Lightning Web Browser packs a lot of useful features and customization options. It has different display modes, bookmarks, history, file download capability, ability to change default search engine and many more useful customizations. This browser doesn’t really fall short of features comparing with other mainstream browsers.
4. Lightning Web Browser is perfect for smartphones and tablets with low hardware capability. If you think that general browsers are being too heavy for your device, Lightning Browser is your number one choice.
5. Even for powerful Android devices Lightning Web Browser is a good choice if you want to avoid all the unnecessary things that happens behind the background of other mainstream browsers (like collecting usage data, targeted ads etc).

Download Lightning Web Browser Apk

You can download the Lightning Web Browser APK form the following link:

Lightning browser
The file size is about 2 MB only. Current version is 4.2.3. The browser is free and open source. However, there are some paid features too; like Ad blocking and the ability to open more than 20 tabs at once.


Transfer the Lightning Web Browser APK to your device and install. It supports Android Marshmallow 4.2.0. However remember to enable Unknown sources from your device’s Settings > Security.


Lightning Web Browser is developed by Anthony Restaino. It is a great lightweight browser and highly recommended. However, our site doesn’t hold any copyright or responsibility regarding the APK file.

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