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Snapchat APK Latest Version Download

Snapchat is an instant messaging app that can share photos and videos along with text. What makes it different from any regular messaging app is – whatever you send through Snapchat remains visible only for a short period of time. One can view a “snap” for one to ten seconds. The time limit can be predetermined by the sender. Since its launch, Snapchat has steadily grown into one of the most popular video and image sharing app.

snapchat apk

How it works

Snapchat users can create a “snap” by combining video, photo and text. Then the “snap” can be sent to any list of users. The distinctive feature of a Snapchat message is that it gets deleted automatically after a receipt views it for a certain duration of time. Thus, Snapchat messages are designed to be only temporarily viewable. This makes a whole new way of social networking; because a Snapchat user is not bound to create any static virtual profile. By using Snapchat APK people can share anything on the fly without thinking much about its future consequence as it will get deleted automatically after a very short period.


Snapchat APK has often given rise to much controversy. Even though by default, it is not possible to save or store a “snap”, there are actually several workarounds to do so. This may cause privacy and security concern. The issue is more eminent due to the fact that about 60% of Snapchat users are aged below 25 years and a significant number of its users are pre-teens or teens.

Download Snapchat Apk

You can download the Snapchat APK from the following link:


The app version is and the APK file size is about 30 MB. Snapchat APK supports Android version 4.0 or higher.

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You can install Snapchat APK directly into your Android device by copying the APK file linked above to your phone and then opening the file. However, by default Android OS prevents APK files from unknown sources to be installed. To allow such installations go to the Security tab from your device’s Settings. Then check mark the Unknown sources option. Now you can install Snapchat APK.


Snapchat APK is developed by Snapchat Inc of US. Our site doesn’t hold any copyright regarding the APK file. It is your responsibility to go through all the essential information before installing and using it.

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