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Download the latest version of Spotify Apk

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service which lets its users to listen to any music on the go. The service is basically free but there is also a paid version. This Sweden based company is one of the major players in internet music industry. Though Spotify is basically a web based service, the good news is – Spotify is also available as an android app.

spotify apk

Spotify APK

Spotify APK is the Android client for Spotify. Using this Android app you can browse through millions of music and listen to the one you like – for free! (Internet data charges apply.) You can browse by artists, albums or simply search by music name (premium). It is also possible to create your own playlists or play recommended songs based on your preferences.
Spotify APK also have added premium features. The premium features are not free though. Premium features include better music quality, add free service and most amazingly – the option to download any song to your device.

Features of Spotify Apk

  1. Stream music from a huge collection – including major artists and albums.
  2. Search any album, artist or playlist. Searching any particular song is also possible. But it requires premium subscription.
  3. Supports both phone and tablet. Plus, available in PC via web player.
  4. Premium subscribers can download any music to their devices.
  5. Crisp and clear sound in general. Premium gives even better quality.
  6. You can build your own playlist or browse through music types.
  7. New concert discovery feature notifies you about upcoming concerts nearby.
  8. Easy to use, clean interface.
  9. Compatible with Google Chromecast.

Premium subscription

To get a premium subscription of Spotify you have to pay about 10 USD per month. You can get a free trial for one month. Once you have a premium account, you can add family members at 50% less than regular price.

Download Spotify Apk

You can download the APK directly from this link:

The current version (as of November 12, 2015) is
The size of the Spotify APK file is about 22 MB.

Credits for developing Spotify Apk

Spotify APK is developed by online streaming service Spotify. This Swedish company is currently headquartered in London. We do not hold any copyright or responsibility regarding this app.

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