Wakelock Detector APK

Wakelock Detector is basically a battery management app for Android which lets you see certain battery draining apps. The specialty of this app is that unlike general battery management apps it actually targets a certain group of apps which use the Wakelock feature of Android OS.

wakelock detector apk

What is the Wakelock feature and what does the Wakelock Detector do?

Wakelock is actually an inbuilt feature of Android OS which gives apps the ability to wake up your phone without any user interaction. Generally, when you keep your phone idle for some time, the screen will dim down first. Then the screen turns off and phone’s CPU goes to sleep mode. This saves the battery power of your phone. But some apps have the ability to awake the CPU even when the phone is in sleep mode (i.e. not being used by the user). For example if you have Facebook Messenger open in your phone, it will automatically wake up the phone CPU to check messages after a certain time interval. Any app using the Wakelock feature can also turn on your phone screen without any interaction from you. The Wakelock feature is useful but it may cause heavy battery drain. Apps which you use only occasionally may unnecessarily eat up your phone’s power.

The Wakelock Detector APK will monitor the apps which are using the Wakelock feature of the OS. The means this app can detect the other apps which keep your CPU running even after your phone is in sleep mode. The Wakelock Detector can also detect apps that can turn on your mobile screen automatically and drain battery power. It then shows you a statistical summary so that you can mark the most power hungry apps. There are several customization options too. For example, you can view which apps turns on screen most often, or which running apps use most of the battery.

Download Wakelock Detector APK

You can download the Wakelock Detector APK from the link below

Wakelock Detector APK
The current version is 1.8.2 and its size is about 1.5 MB.

Note that if you are using Android Kitkat or above, the Wakelock Detector APK requires root access. That means you have to root your phone to let this app work.

If you are not aware much about rooting your phone, you can use one click root apps from Rooting Tools

Also, remember to restart your phone after installing the Wakelock Detector APK.

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