Whatsapp plus apk Download for Android

WhatsApp Plus is an Android app which worked as an alternative WhatsApp client. The app is an unofficial mod which added many new features which are not available in the official WhatsApp. So the app had much popularity among WhatsApp users and many users opted for WhatsApp Plus instead of the official WhatsApp app. This has caused the WhatsApp authority to ban WhatsApp Plus form being an alternative client. The unfortunate decision has made one of the most popular Android apps to become practically unusable and obsolete.

whatsapp plus apk download for android

Features of WhatsApp-Plus

  1. Ability to manage multiple accounts.
  2. Customizable interface and beautiful UI.
  3. Added features which are not available in default WhatsApp app.
  4. Overall, much better than the official app.
  5. Supported themes of different colors.

Download WhatsApp plus Apk

WhatsApp Plus Download



Unfortunately the WhatsApp Plus is banned from being an alternative client to WhatsApp services. The authority most probably never liked the immense popularity the modded app had. A huge number of users actually preferred WhatsApp Plus over official WhatsApp. In the end WhatsApp officials has decided to ban any user for 24 hours if they logs in to their WhatsApp account using WhatsApp Plus. The 24 hour account ban came without any warning and has angered many users. But the officials are unwilling to give WhatsApp Plus any chance anymore.

The statement from WhatsApp (which is now actually owned by Facebooc Inc) has mentioned that the modded app has security flaws and hence they can no longer allow users to use WhatsApp Plus. They have advised users to uninstall WhatsApp Plus and install official WhatsApp from Google Play or WhatsApp website if they want to continue using the service. The users who face a 24 hour ban have no way to remove the ban for that duration even if they log in from the official app.


The extremely popular WhatsApp Plus was developed by OGMods. However after the original WhatsApp authority took action against the app, OGMods site has removed all information regarding WhatsApp Plus from their site too. We would also like to mention that our site has no relation with OGMods or WhatsApp.


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